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In a more innocent era, stock car drivers had some pretty cool nicknames bestowed upon them by their adoring fans. This was one driver who really delivered on the promise of fulfilling his given racing handle.

William Scrivener burst upon the Waterford Speedbowl scene of the early sixties, quickly becoming one of biggest stars of the then immensely popular Bomber division. Christened "Wild Bill", his driving tactics were reminiscent of another Bowl luminary, the unflappable "Dirty Dick" Beauregard.

 In his "hell-bent for leather" driving style, Scrivener would quickly become a crowd favorite, and many old-timers will tell you that a performance from "Wild Bill" on one of his better nights would itself alone be worth the price of admission.

 In 1964, Scrivener would lose one particularly important event - the race to stay a bachelor. The Speedbowl front straight was turned into a temporary wedding chapel for one evening, as Bill wed Alice Mae Potter before a near capacity crowd. In typical Scrivener style, he would go on to win the feature following the nuptials........

 While he was successful "right out of box" so to speak, his best year in the Bombers would be 1965, also a season that would see him crowned the track champ. Outgrowing the confines of a support division, the following campaign would bring a career switch, as Scrivener would accept a ride in the speedier Modifieds, then (as always), Waterford's premier division. He would prove to be a quick study, scoring a feature victory in his first year a "Mod Man". A frequent visitor to modified victory lane throughout the late sixties and early seventies, "Wild Bill" would record his final triumph in the division on a cold & overcast Easter Sunday in 1974 driving the  #27.

  While Scrivener would continue to pursue a racing career into the late 1970s, his fortunes would never reach the level of the early days spent as a championship driver in the venerable old Bomber division of the 1960s. For those of you curious as to just what type of body style Scrivener's #27 racer was, it's a Rambler.  Just like the drivers in the old days, the cars themselves were each unique in their own way...........


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