LEGENDS, Every Track has one.  Riverside Park has Billy Greco.  Waterford Speedbowl has Don Collins.  West Haven Speedway has Johnny Cambino.  While there could be some arguments at those tracks, there can be no argument that Plainville Stadium's Legend without a doubt is Dave Alkas.

Dave started driving in what was then called the Novice Division at Plainville Stadium in the early 60's winning many races before moving to the Modifieds and becoming the master of the 1/4 mile Plainville track in the Modified Division.

Dave Alkas is the ALL-TIME  leader in wins at Plainville Stadium and holds the record for the most Championships with Five.  Dave also raced at Riverside Park Speedway and the United Stock Car Racing Club at the old Eastern States Exposition Fair Grounds.  Dave on occasion raced at the Waterford Speedbowl and other Northeastern Race Tracks, but always returned to the track he was a master of in Plainville, Ct.

Daves own #89 Novice and his #89 Modified in the early and mid to late 60's
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The Roland Cyr owned #54's Dave drove for a decade of many Wins and Championships
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Photos Courtesy of Tom Loosemore, Jimbo, Dave Dykes and Donn Cote

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