One of the Best Chassis innovators of the period, DON MOON started his racing career in the Plainville Stadium Sportsman Division in the Early 60's winning many feature events before moving to the Modified Division around 1965.  Don's early Modifed Division success came in the John Spada #4 at the Danbury Fair Racearena, winning two features in 1966, including the Conrad Memorial Trophy Race.  Don traveled to many tracks during the late 60's before returning to Plainville Stadium and pretty much making it his home in the early 70's taking down a host of wins.

Don is credited by many (including Reggie) with bringing Reggie Ruggiero to prominence when in 1975 he put Reggie behind the wheel of his #9 after breaking his arm in a work related accident.  Reggie went on to win 10 out of 11 features during the rest of the season and put Reggie as the 1st choice to take over the Mario Fiore #44 who was looking for a permanent driver to replace Gary Colturi after Gary's untimely death in a motorcycle accident.

Although there are many that think Don never lived up to his potential as a Driver,  there are many drivers who would envy the amount of wins Don compiled during his driving career. And there are many more who wish they could build a car that would go around a race track as the cars Don built could.


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Photos Courtesy of Tom Loosemore, Jerry Fascione & Donn Cote


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