"GOOBER"  SCHEIDEL was never a big winner on the Race Track, he might have been had he had some of the finances of other drivers.  Goober was Big Winner in Other Areas,  there wasn't a fellow driver, fan or other person who met Goober that didn't instantly like him. The more you knew him the better you liked him.  Goober was just an overall Good Person.

Goober started racing at the Plainville Stadium in the late 60's,  maybe 1970, then moved onto the Dirt Track of Lebanon Valley Speedway.  Goober liked to travel and raced at over 40 different tracks during his career,  against some of the greatest Dirt and Asphalt Modified Drivers ever.   Before clicking on the Photos take a little while to read the 1990 Trackside Magazine Article  written by Bones Boucier just before the passing of another Racing Hero,  ANTHONY "GOOBER" SCHEIDEL.

November 30, 1990 TRACKSIDE MAGAZINE
By Bones Bourcier
A Wednesday Night With A Hero
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Plainville Stadium                                Lebanon Valley Speedway

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