Harvey started racing at West Haven Speedway in the early 50's and competed at the Tuesday Night Riverside Park Speedway Limited Modifieds or Sportsman Division in the 60's and the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds.  After the West Haven Speedway closed Harvey pretty much made the Plainville Stadium his Home winning several Features over the Years.  Harvey's racing career ended after receiving a serious head injury in what appeared to be minor accident at Plainville Stadium in the late 70's.  Harvey was hospitalized for over 10 years as a result of the accident,  before his death in the 80's.

Although the record shows only one death occurred at Plainville Stadium in 1952,  in reality Harvey's death was from a Racing Accident.

Also interesting is the #38 Coach which has the right front frame bent up.  Harvey was never very successful with the race car until he hit the wall, bending the frame up.  The car was raced that way from there after. The car was bent the right way,  after that the car won several features and was always near the front.  This was a car that wouldn't handle at all before the accident.


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