Although these photos are not Modifieds, these cars and drivers were a big part of North East Racing History. Many drivers who started in the Open Wheelers were also Modified Stars, such as Dave Humphreys the 1st Waterford Speedbowl Modified Champion and Ted Tappet the 1st Riverside Park Speedway Modified Champion.  Some Modified Drivers would drive both when the opportunity arose, such as Gene Bergin. Some of the early Modified Drivers ended up leaving a big mark on in the open wheelers such as Joe Csiki and Denny Zimmerman, an Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year.

I'm sure most will remember some of these names when they made the yearly visits to you local track in the 50's and 60's.

Jerry Russo

Walter Gale

Wayne Doersler

Jiggs Peters

Bob Harkey

Tony Bonadies

Dutch Schaefer

Al Pillion

Bob Disbrow

Hank Rogers

Gene Bergin

Bill Stofer

Gene Monsen

Dick Brown

Bob Hart

Bert Brooks

Chet Conklin

Don Gillette

King Carpenter

Dave Humphreys

Don Morris

Bryant Ingalls

Ray Brown

Leo Nanigan

Bob Wrobel

Art Cross

Bill Randall

Bill Schindler

Bobby Courtright

Charles Ethier

Joe Csiki

Earl Halaquest

Eddie Gallione

Hank Williams

Gene Bergin

Jim Maguire

Joe Sostilio

Johnnie Tolan

Johnny Thompson

Len Duncan

Lou Johnson

Eddie Flemke

Gene Bergin

Nick Fonoro, Sr.

Shorty Templeman

Ted Horn

Tommy Hinnershitz

Tony Romit

#55 Bill Eldridge

#5 Dick Brown

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