Richie Galullo, the youngest racing son of Racing Legend Danny Galullo, started his racing career in the early 70's driving his own #36 Coupe.  Richie found the most success behind the wheel of Whimpy's % Sign Modified, one of the Premier Rides at Plainville Stadium at the time.  Richie was picked to drive the % Sign after Stan Greger left the % Sign to drive the Jarb #500 at Riverside Park Speedway.  Richie carried on the winning ways of the % Sign driving the car to a number of victories.

Richie then went on to drive the Rocky Germano owned, Rocky's AMOCO Cent Sign and continued to be one the top Plainville Stadium Drivers.  Though Richie found most of his success at Plainville Stadium, he ventured out to other New England Race Tracks including Riverside Park Speedway and Thompson Speedway.



Richie's 1st Modified at Plainville Stadium in the Early 70's
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The Wimpy's % Sign at Plainville Stadium
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Thompson Speedway

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The Rocky's Amoco Cent Sign at Plainville Stadium
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Plainville Stadium

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