Riverside Park Speedway
1989 to 1999

Bruce D'Alessandro                                1989
Jerry Marquis                      1991, 1992, 1993
Chris Kopec                                              1994
Dan Avery                                                  1995
Dave Berube                                             1996
Ted Riggot                                                 1997
Jim Broderick                                            1998
Ricky Miller                                                1999



Some of the Photographers who saved Riverside Park Speedway History on film over the years included Shaney Lorenzet, Scott Nichol, Dave Pardi, Dave Mavlouganes, Howie Hodge, Steve Kennedy, Mike Adaskaveg, Mark Rohrbacker, Dick Berggren, John Grady and I'm sure others.  Although In most instances I don't know which photos belong to the individual photographer, I'm sure most are represented on these pages.

Photos on these pages are from the Collections of Donn Cote and Dan Pardi.